How To Download ISO, Install & Activate MS Office 2016 Pro +

Thank you for buying products on my shop, in this tutorial I want to explain how to download, install and activate the operating system with you key.

This tutorial same as how to download, install and activate Office 2016 Pro Plus, just little difference, so i use same tutorial as Office 2016 Pro Plus, but file download you will get Office 2019 Pro Plus.

I hope this tutorial can help you using my product.

Section 1 - Downloading Office 2016 Pro + ISO.

First of all, downlod iso – you can download on button bwllow, and make sure you choose only Windows 8.1 in select edition & click Next to continue – see picture bellow.

if link above not work use alternative not work, you can use alternative on bellow.

Next insert Your key, Choose Country you live in, And languages you use to install Office, see picture bellow.

Next click Next to continue, see picture bellow.

Next to began to download click download now, see picture bellow.

Next save where you want to save the installation file and wait until download process finish, see picture bellow.

Section 2 - Installing Office 2016 Pro Plus.

After download complete open the file you downloaded and click yes to continue, see picture bellow.

Next you will see the installation process, wait until finish, see picture bellow.

Section 3 - Activating Office 2016 Pro Plus.

After installation finish, lets open some program of your Office 2016 Pro Plus, in this tutorial I will open Office Word, and now enter your key on field, see picture below.

Some time if you choose “ I want to activate the software over internet “ like this you found the error massage while appear on picure 2, see picture bellow.

Don’t panic the key you buy from me Is new key, but some time it need to call Microsoft to activating the key, alright now close with cancel and re open your office again.

 NOW Open your office again and choose activation trough phone , and Click next, see picture below.

Okay now after you click next this dialog box is coming with the Installation ID, this is needed to activating trough phone, see picture bellow.

Open your Skype and make a call to +18664217141 this is free call if you using a skype, I am using mobile phone to call Microsoft, don’t worry this is a robot calling not a real human calling, see picture bellow.

In time of a calling you will ear voice from Microsoft. Wait it until the English language appear.

The machine will ask you want to record this activaton or not, choose and type your mobile phoe number 2 for “not” is a batter choice.

Next Steps the program ask you for entering 3 digit number he saying.

Next Steps the program want to you to speak what can a product you want to activate, you must say “OFFICE” to this step.

Nest Steps the program will ask you are your windows activation is open ?? say “ YES”.

Next Steps The program will ask you what are you want t activating trough sms?? I most likely to activating with a voice, but choose is on yours, in this tutorial I will guide from telephone so I am not choose SMS activation.

Next Steps The program will ask you to input your Installation id, see picture bellow.

Let’s input chapter to chapter with keyboard of your mobile phone, don’t forget to choose country and region you life in.

After you finish input the system ask you to verify what number you install of the office, say “ONE”.

Next Steps the system will inform you to input Confirmation ID, lets follow the instruction while system give to you, see picture bellow.

After you finish input, click next and voila …..

Thank you for your time to reed this tutorial and if you have any question you can chat with our Customers Support Or ask in Contack US Page, Our Team will replay You soon as possible.