How To Download ISO, Make A Bootable FlashDrive, Install & Activate Windows 8.1 Pro

Thank you for buying products on my shop, in this tutorial I want to explain how to download, install and activate the operating system with you key.

I spread this tutorial for 3 sections, 1. Download Program ISO2. Create Bootable Flash Drive for installing Operating System and 3. Installing and activating your Operating Systems. If you familiar on section 1 and 2 you can jump on section 3.

I hope this tutorial can help you using my product.

Section 1 - Downloading Operating System ISO.

First of all, downlod iso – you can download on button bwllow, and make sure you choose only Windows 8.1 in select edition & click Next to continue – see picture bellow.

Now choose Language Do Want To Download and use and click next to next process, see picture bellow.

Next choose your operating system Bit do you want to install on, is depending on your architecture, most of new hardware using 64 Bit architecture, see picture bellow.

click what windows 8.1 Bit you want, after that download began and wait until finish the download process.

Section 2 - Creating Bootable Flash Drive.

To begin installation you need to burn your downloaded ISO to DVD-R and use it to install your machine, or you can use usb flash drive to make master of program, this option is better than you use DVD-R to boot on your system because this options is faster.

To create bootable flash drive you need 1 software call UNICERSAL USB INSTALLER.

After download complate, I show you how to create bootable flash drive using this awesome software.

Open your software and click agree to begin, see picture bellow.

Choose your windows version do you want to make a installer, see picture bellow.

Next select your downloaded ISO, see picture bellow.

Next select your USB Flash Drive do you want to make to, and finally click create and wait until finish, and your bootable usb Flash drive ready for installing your system, see picture bellow.

Section 3 - Installing And Activating Your Operating System.

In this section I will show you how to install and activating the operating systems.

Choose your time and currency format, see picture bellow.

Next Insert your key in this section, see picture bellow.

Next Agreement, in this step mark agree and click next, see picture bellow.

On this section I suggest to use fresh install, see picture bellow.

Next creating partition, if you have more than 1 partition before, make sure you choose only system partition to delete and installing the operating system for, so your data is safe for installing new operating system, see picture bellow.

Next after you click next, installation is progress, wait it until finish don’t forget to drink you coffee 🙂 and wait it until finish, see picture bellow.

Next after rebooting you must fill the PC. Name, fill this what you want to, see picture bellow.

Next step I recommend to use express settings, see picture bellow.

Next in this tutorial I using offline installing, I recommend for installing offline, so click crate local account, see picture bellow.

Next Fill name you want to, see picture bellow.

Afer finish installing connect your pc to the internet and your windows 8.1 pro are finish installing and successful activated, see picture bellow.

Thank you for your time to reed this tutorial and if you have any question you can chat with our Customers Support Or ask in Contack US Page, Our Team will replay You soon as possible.