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Catavento analyses recent Brazilian oil auctions results

After contributing with relevant information and analysis to Miriam Leitão’s column on October 30rd  (link), Clarissa Lins analyzed the results of Pre-Salt Bid Rounds 2 and 3 in an article published in O Globo website on October 31st . Clarissa emphasizes the importance of differentiating bonus payments and profit oil as success factors for the… Read more »

Catavento presents perspectives of the energy transition in ANP

The presentation was based on the mapping of long-term energy trends, highlighting the relevance of climate change for the long-term business continuity and the role of the energy sector regulators. Discussing future challenges and perspectives for the energy sector, Catavento presented mobility trends and new technologies, global climate agreements and Brazilian commitments.  Finally, Catavento mapped… Read more »

Catavento debates the transition to a low carbon economy with Petrobras’ top management

The presentation was based on the mapping of long-term energy trends , highlighting the relevance of climate change for the business sector and its increasing presence on the global agenda. After a brief explanation about the global warming phenomenon, the energy’s sector role and the challenges of the transition, Catavento discussed  the factors that will… Read more »

Catavento participates in Germany debate on energy transition

Germany, current G20 president, elected the energy transition (or Energiewende, in German) as one of its main pillars of action. In this context, he country promoted an international conference on the subject – Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2017 – between March 20th and 23rd  2017, with global energy sector  representatives The Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS),… Read more »

IEA promotes high-level workshop with Catavento participation

In preparation to its annual publication on the energy scenario – World Energy Outlook 2017- the International Energy Agency held a workshop with energy specialists to discuss energy access. The event took place in Paris, in March 27th  2017 and will serve as input to the complementary study about the theme that will be released… Read more »

World Energy Council debates COP21 and its consequences for the energy sector

During the World Energy Council regional conference, that took place in Rio de Janeiro, in July of 2016, Clarissa Lins debated the relevance and role of the energy sector in the achievement of greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals. On the panel, moderated by Cristoph Frei, WEC´s general secretary, the COPPE/UFRJ´s professor Roberto Schaeffer, also member… Read more »

What COP21 means for the energy sector

The debate held in May of 2016 by the Brazilian Oil, Natural Gas and Bio-fuel Institute- IBP, addressed relevant questions: what are the Brazilian commitments in the new global greenhouse gas emissions reduction agreement? What are the impacts of those commitments in the oil and gas industry? COPPE/UFRJ`s professor Suzana Kahn, climate specialist Branca Americano,… Read more »

Clarissa Lins debates O&G during event promoted by the Ethos Institute

01The Ethos Conference, which took place in June of 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, discussed the relevance of the oil sector for the state economy during the global oil crisis, local additional challenges due to Petrobras’s financial condition, and pressures from the climate commitments proposed by the Brazilian government during COP21 .The panel discussion with … Read more »