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Energy transition: what is at stake?

“Energy transition is at the heart of any debate about the future of energy. The question facing all the key players in energy relates to the need, in the long term, to reconcile growing demand with lower carbon emissions. In addition, global energy systems must also address the need to provide reliable energy for all,… Read more »

Study analyzes the main lessons from the Belt and Road Initiative for Brazil

CEBRI’s – Brazilian Center for International Relations- Energy and Infrastructure Working Group, in partnership with Catavento, elaborated the white paper – “Belt and Road Initiative: Opportunities and Lessons for infrastructure and energy investments in Brazil”. The study is part of a broader document entitled “The state of the relationship, Belt and Road, and lessons for… Read more »

Paper analyses Brazil-China partnership in the logistics sector

In the context of CEBRI’s Infrastructure Working Group, Catavento analyzed the logistics infrastructure sector and the Brazil-China relationship in the white paper – “Logistics infrastructure in the Southeast region: an analysis of possible paths for a partnership between Brazil and China”. The methodology applied in this white paper was based on desk research analysis; interviews with experts… Read more »

Catavento releases 8 publications in partnership with CEBRI

In 2018, Catavento promoted in partnership with CEBRI – Brazilian Center for International Relations – a series of events with the objective to stimulate the dialogue between different stakeholders and decisions makers. Clarissa Lins, Senior Fellow of the Energy and Infrastructure Programs, contributed directly to these events, moderating and consolidating in white papers the key… Read more »

Miriam Leitão interviews Clarissa Lins on the future of energy

In October 18th, Clarissa Lins was interviewed by Miriam Leitao, a renowned Brazilian journalist and columnist, for GloboNews channel. Clarissa focused on the future of the Oil & Gas (O&G) sector, the energy transition challenge, Brazil’s vast potential and the role of O&G companies in guaranteeing a more diversified and low carbon energy matrix. “Brazil… Read more »

Electric revolution: a possible scenario for Brazilian mobility?

Catavento’s new report focused on outlining recent developments of different electric mobility aspects, as well as highlighting main elements to be incorporated in companies’ strategic planning. In 2016, Catavento analyzed possible trends and consequences of a higher electric vehicles penetration in the transportation mix in the paper – “The outlook for electric vehicles” (link to download). Since then,… Read more »

Catavento promotes discussion regarding electric mobility

The event – “Electric Mobility: perspectives and challenges”- conducted on June 15th by CEBRI, in the scope of its Energy Working Group was led by Jorge Camargo and Clarissa Lins.  Participants of the event included diverse executives and specialists of the sector, in addition to several CEBRI associates. Jorge Camargo, CEBRI Trsutee and coordinator of… Read more »

Clarissa Lins becomes CEBRI’s senior fellow

Considered one of the main Brazilian think tanks according to the annual ranking held by the University of Pennsylvania, CEBRI – Brazilian Center for International Relations, invited Clarissa to implement its energy center under Jorge Camargo’s leadership, a member of the entity’s Board of Trustees . The energy center’s goal is to promote debates on… Read more »

KAS invites Catavento to participate in energy transition debates

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS), in the Regional Program for Energy Security and Climate Change in Latin America context, invited Catavento to participate in a series of events throughout the second half of 2017. The first one, held in Brasilia in August 2017 at the UN House, aimed to identify the cooperation potential between Mercosur… Read more »

Clarissa Lins presents new industry trends at EDP Brazil

EDP ​​Brazil held an experts meeting with its executives to discuss the new challenges of the electricity sector in a sustainability context. The debate was moderated by José Luiz Alquéres, former member of the Board of Directors of the company, and was attended by: Philippe Joubert, Director of the Energy and Climate of ​​the World… Read more »

Clarissa Lins participates as a juror for World Environment Center’s Award

On the 31st of October, the World Environment Center (WEC) announced three new jurors for its Gold Medal Award Jury, one of whom was Clarissa Lins, founding partner of Catavento Consultoria. The WEC Gold Medal Award for International Corporate Achievement in Sustainable Development, now in its 33rd, year, recognizes sustainability excellence in an international company…. Read more »

Catavento is part of Latin America’s major O&G event

Clarissa Lins, in her role as an executive director of the IBP (Brazilian Institute of Oil, Gas and Biofuels), participated in the eighth edition of the Rio Oil & Gas Conference, held on October 2016. The theme of the event was “Roadmaps for a Competitive Petroleum Industry”, with debates regarding downstream and upstream activities, gas… Read more »

The outlook for electric vehicles

The paper “Perspectivas de inserção de veículos elétricos” (“The outlook for electric vehicles”) is the result of Catavento’s interest in understanding the potentially profound changes facing the automobile and transport industries. Its content comes from a thorough desk research of the available literature and focuses on the global dynamic at play in the growing sector…. Read more »

Impact investing is theme of Catavento research

We live in a changing world. By 2030, the world population should reach 8.4 billion people, which would mean around 1.1billion more than 2015. The standard of living should increase with the expansion of the global middle class, making the cities responsible for 80% of global GDP and 75% of natural resources consumption.  Also, the… Read more »

Interview discusses the future of the petroleum industry

Clarissa Lins and Leonardo Bastos, partners of Catavento, accepted the challenge proposed by the Brazilian Institute for Oil, Gas and Biofuels – IBP, to study the perspectives for the oil and gas industry in the long term. The report presented in the end of 2015 to the executive committee, council and associated companies of the… Read more »

Clarissa Lins is elected for the IBP executive committee

The Brazilian Institute for Oil, Gas and Biofuels – IBP during its 58th General Meeting held on March 31, 2016 , at its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro , elected the new members of its Executive Committee . Clarissa Lins was elected for a term of two years, starting in April 2016. The invitation for Clarissa to… Read more »

COP21: The global climate agenda discussed in round table

In December 2015, sustainability and climate changes specialists were gathered by CEBRI to discuss the outcomes of COP21. The Paris Agreement, signed by 195 countries, represented a milestone in climate negotiations and set out the ambition to control the rise in temperature related to climate change by up to 1.5 ° to 2 ° C…. Read more »

Long term trends for the energy sector presented in IBP by Catavento

Accelerated growth of the big cities, urbazination expansion, population ageing, income growth and increased mobility options will be key elements to determine energy supply and demand in the next years and decades. This conclusion comes from the study “Long Term Trends for the Energy Sector ”, ordered by the Brazilian Institute for Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels (IBP) to… Read more »

The future of the cities debated in forum moderated by Catavento

The way cities are organized and the urban life style make energy a central element, together with water and food security. To discuss the stress nexus in cities, Shell promoted the debate “The cities of the future”, that took place in June 2015, following the partnership between Catavento and Shell Brasil in 2014 for the seminary… Read more »

Geopolitics of Oil & Gas in Latin America debated in round table

The round table, that took place in October 2015, aimed to promote a debate around the aspects that influence the energy scenario in Latin America , with a focus in Oil & Gas. The event opening was conducted by Jorge Camargo, IBP (Brazilian Oil, Gas and Biofuels Institute)’s president, and Roberto Castello Branco, representing FGV Center… Read more »

Catavento and SustainAbility at Sustainable Brands Rio 2015

In the opening of the Sustainable Brands Rio 2015 event, Clarissa Lins and Leonardo Bastos joined forces with the SustainAbility team, leaded by the executive director Mark Lee with the help of the analist Margo Mosher, to present the results of the research conducted in 2014 “See Change – How Transparency drives Performance”. The presentation… Read more »

Catavento debates National Energy Plan 2050

This event promoted by FGV Energia and Catavento, in June 2015, aimed to create a dialogue forum between EPE (Brazilian National Energy Research Company), responsible for elaboration of the National Energy Plan 2050, and representatives of different industries and institutions connected with the theme, in order to generate ideas and suggestions to the Plan. The debate… Read more »

Clarissa Lins debates Energy and Climate in a seminar organized by the Ditchley Foundation

On April 14-16 2015, Clarissa Lins participated in a seminar at the English institution known for promoting high quality debates on relevant and timely topics. The conference had as its central theme the dilemmas of Energy and Climate Risk, discussed from three perspectives: political, economic and technological. Obeying Chatham House rules (where participants’ views are… Read more »

Partnership between FGV Energia and Catavento: Energy and Sustainability

The Energy and Sustainability paper is the result of a partnership between FGV Energia and Catavento, who teamed up in order to propose a new look at the dilemmas Brazil faces in its energy sector. *Available in Portuguese only. For more information, and to download the paper’s contents, click here.

Catavento present at Cambridge course, in partnership with WBCSD

The course aims to mobilize executives in recognition of the importance of sustainability in their business, covering topics such as integration of sustainability into corporate strategy, innovation in business models, climate change and sustainable finance. This is the second edition of the course, implemented in partnership with WBCSD. The other faculty members are Philippe Joubert,… Read more »

Clarissa Lins presents Light’s innovative business models at international conference

The partnership between Catavento and Light gained international recognition with the presentation of a paper at the Second Annual International Conference on Practices for the Sustainable Development (ICSDP) at Columbia University in New York (know more). Clarissa Lins made a presentation on the new business models of Light in low-income communities, in the section entitled… Read more »

Catavento publishes its first papers

Knowledge dissemination is an essential element of our company role. By transmitting ideas and concepts in a paper, we believe we are contributing to the debate on relevant issues. In this first series, the Catavento team grappled with topics such as evaluating an electrical company in its operations in a low-income community, challenges for the… Read more »

Catavento at Sustainable Brands Rio 2014

Catavento participated in the Rio de Janeiro edition of Sustainable Brands- Rio SB held on April 24 and 25 2014, moderating a panel on transparency. The aim was to show how transparency in information flow can be an important lever in the decision-making process. Presenting stakeholders with the right information in the right way, at… Read more »