September 17, 2014

Clarissa Lins presents Light’s innovative business models at international conference

Catavento and Light feature paper in congress organized by MDP in partnership with SDSN, held at Columbia University, New York

The partnership between Catavento and Light gained international recognition with the presentation of a paper at the Second Annual International Conference on Practices for the Sustainable Development (ICSDP) at Columbia University in New York (know more).

Clarissa Lins made a presentation on the new business models of Light in low-income communities, in the section entitled “Redefining the Role of Business in Promoting Sustainable Development.”

The pioneering role of the UPPs gained prominence, made possible by the entry of the police forces, and the model developed from Light Legal. Technology investments made by the company, coupled with the field work of the teams of micro-entrepreneurs partners of Light (also known as APZistas) and the efficient use of regulatory mechanisms are considered key elements in determining the success of innovative models to combat non-technical losses.

The results may be applicable for the population as a whole, since with the improvement of energy efficiency, power distribution quality is guaranteed for disadvantages populations and there is renewed confidence among the various stakeholders involved.

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