July 19, 2017

Clarissa Lins presents new industry trends at EDP Brazil

Catavento debates global macro trends and good practices in the power sector at EDP Brasil

EDP ​​Brazil held an experts meeting with its executives to discuss the new challenges of the electricity sector in a sustainability context. The debate was moderated by José Luiz Alquéres, former member of the Board of Directors of the company, and was attended by: Philippe Joubert, Director of the Energy and Climate of ​​the World Business Council (WBCSD); Nelson Elzirik, master of law at PUC-Rio; Teresa Serra, Former Environment VP at the World Bank for Asia; Clarissa Lins, founding partner of Catavento; and Rafael de Sá Ferreira, advisor to the presidency at the Brazilian Energy Research Company (EPE). The debate contributed to strengthen the company’s strategic positioning, as well as to highlight new practices and demands for the sector.

Clarissa Lins was invited to contribute to the discussion by addressing the long-term scenario for the power sector and possible adaptation pathwaysfor companies. First, global industry macro trends were analyzed: decarbonization, distributed resources, electrification and digitalization. After that, Catavento identified the main aspects and impacts for the national sector, more specifically for the utilities and electricity distributors. Finally, good practices and business initiatives were mapped in an adaptation effort to the new scenario.