Energy: reflections and perspectives

August de 2020

Catavento coordinates and co-authors publication on the energy sector


The energy sector is undergoing unprecedented changes. In the short term, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has led countries to adopt measures that restricted the circulation of people and goods, thus drastically impacting the energy sector. However, in the medium- and long-term, trends imposed by climate change, new consumer behavior patterns, and technological innovation remain relevant, influencing the way in which energy is consumed and generated.
In addition, different elements promote alterations in the national energy sector, with new actors, opportunities, and challenges. Amongst these elements, regulatory changes, the opening of traditionally concentrated sectors, and the competitiveness of new energy sources stand out.
In light of this context, Catavento was responsible for the curation of the publication, “Energy: reflections and perspectives”, idealized by the Brazilian Center for International Relations (CEBRI) in partnership with the law firm, BMA Law. The publication is composed of different articles and authors, specialists in the Brazilian energy sector. The articles contemplate diverse themes, including climate change, nuclear energy, biofuel potential, the natural gas market, the competitiveness of pre-salt, and investment perspectives in the energy sector.
The plurality of authors has contributed to the richness of this publication and reflects the diversity of the national energy sector, rich and abundant in energy sources. The reflections and perspectives contained in this study illustrate the Brazilian potential to be a key player in the global energy context.

The publication may be found here (Portuguese version only).



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