September 25, 2019

Energy transition: what is at stake?

Drivers reshaping the future of energy

“Energy transition is at the heart of any debate about the future of energy. The question facing all the key players in energy relates to the need, in the long term, to reconcile growing demand with lower carbon emissions. In addition, global energy systems must also address the need to provide reliable energy for all, at affordable and competitive prices. This is the dual challenge that the energy industry needs to meet over the coming years.”

In an article published in the latest Brazil Business Brief by the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain, Clarissa Lins – Catavento’s founding partner -, highlighted the role energy plays in socioeconomic development and carbon emissions, as well as the four drivers which might influence the speed of the energy transition: public policy, technology innovation, financial stakeholders’ pressure, and energy companies’ corporate strategies.

You can find the full article here and the complete Brazil Business Brief September edition in the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain’s website here.