April 5, 2016

Interview discusses the future of the petroleum industry

In a conversation with the magazine Brasil Energia Petróleo, Clarissa Lins discusses trends in the oil and gas industry

Clarissa Lins and Leonardo Bastos, partners of Catavento, accepted the challenge proposed by the Brazilian Institute for Oil, Gas and Biofuels – IBP, to study the perspectives for the oil and gas industry in the long term. The report presented in the end of 2015 to the executive committee, council and associated companies of the institute, reveals a system with structural changes, which may contribute to the pressure in the sector due to the petroleum’s price fall.

As the interview points out, it is essential to stimulate a long-term view, not only from the perspective of the companies in the sector , but also from current macro trends. Aspects such as population growth, particularly in emerging countries, urbanization and climate change tend to influence the way energy is produced and consumed in the years to come.

To access the full interview, download the PDF below.