January 10, 2019

Miriam Leitão interviews Clarissa Lins on the future of energy

Catavento's founding partner is interviewed for the GloboNews channel on O&G challenges and opportunities

In October 18th, Clarissa Lins was interviewed by Miriam Leitao, a renowned Brazilian journalist and columnist, for GloboNews channel. Clarissa focused on the future of the Oil & Gas (O&G) sector, the energy transition challenge, Brazil’s vast potential and the role of O&G companies in guaranteeing a more diversified and low carbon energy matrix.

“Brazil has to take advantage of the current window of opportunity, turning its vast reserves into wealth before the demand for oil starts to fall. (…) The biggest challenge the O&G sector faces today is the need to recognize its role in providing energy, as well as its responsibility in finding solutions to diversify its portfolio”, said Clarissa, who also defended that renewable energy sources are already commercially viable and competitive. “Companies do not need subsidies to make their renewable investments profitables.”

Apart from Clarissa, Miriam Leitão also interviewed Equinor Brazil’s vice president, Verônica Coelho, who emphasized how Equinor is adapting its business to the energy transition.

Check out the video here (portuguese audio) here.