Road towards a sustainable energy transition


Catavento and CBIE analyze the role of the O&G sector in the Brazilian energy transition

The future of the energy sector is a big question, in this context it is appropriate to define the... [ Read More ]

Clarissa Lins as CEBRI´s senior fellow moderates events


Clarissa Lins becomes CEBRI’s senior fellow

Considered one of the main Brazilian think tanks according to the annual ranking held by the University of Pennsylvania,... [ Read More ]

Catavento debates climate change and energy security


KAS invites Catavento to participate in energy transition debates

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS), in the Regional Program for Energy Security and Climate Change in Latin America context,... [ Read More ]

Clarissa Lins analyses oil auctions in two articles


Catavento analyses recent Brazilian oil auctions results

After contributing with relevant information and analysis to Miriam Leitão's column on October 30rd  (link), Clarissa Lins analyzed... [ Read More ]

Clarissa Lins debates new challenges of the electricity sector


Clarissa Lins presents new industry trends at EDP Brazil

EDP ​​Brazil held an experts meeting with its executives to discuss the new challenges of the electricity sector in... [ Read More ]

Catavento discuss the challenges to a low carbon economy in ANP


Catavento presents perspectives of the energy transition in ANP

The presentation was based on the mapping of long-term energy trends, highlighting the relevance of climate change for the... [ Read More ]




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