Energy: reflections and perspectives

The energy sector is undergoing unprecedented changes. In the short term, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has led... [ Read More ]


Mobility for the future: climate change and new technologies

CEBRI’s Energy Program coordinated, in partnership with Catavento, the event, ‘Mobility for the future: climate change and new technologies”... [ Read More ]

Impacts of the current crisis on the Brazilian O&G sector and energy transition


Catavento joins high-level debate at La Jolla Energy Conference

On May 19th, Clarissa Lins, Catavento’s founding partner, joined Decio Oddone and Elizabeth Urbanas in the panel... [ Read More ]

"Companies will be judged on the way they interact with their stakeholders."


Clarissa Lins participates in SustainAbility Webinar

Founding partner at Catavento, Clarissa Lins was invited to be one of the speakers at the SustainAbility Webinar, “Covid-19.... [ Read More ]

The role of companies and young people in promoting positive changes


Clarissa Lins debates at Northeastern University

Catavento's founding partner, Clarissa Lins had the honor of being a panelist and representative of the private... [ Read More ]

What are the perspectives for vehicle eletrification in Brazil?


Electric mobility: a possible scenario for Brazil

The urban mobility context is experiencing significant changes that are expected to transform in multiple dimensions the traditional mobility.... [ Read More ]




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