Catavento | How we act

We expand our clients’ strategic vision, through the dialogue with relevant players and the identification of macro trends that represent risks and opportunities to the corporate strategy and affect the company’s ability to create value over the long term

We began our activities in 2013 with the ambition to influence decision makers in the corporate sector by expanding growth prospects beyond the economic and financial dimensions. Despite our short lifespan, our team carries extensive experience of over 10 years in company solutions and knowledge production. We operate in various industries such as oil and gas, mining, financial, energy, consumer goods, services and infrastructure. The relationship to our customers is characterized by long-term partnership.

Catavento solutions are based on three pillars: inspire, engage and lead. We advise companies in different industry sectors, such as oil & gas, electric utilities, finance, consumer goods, mining, services and infrastructure. The relationship with our clients is characterized by a long term partnership.

Knowledge production is essential  for Catavento to consolidate sustainable growth, strategy and  business model concepts. In addition to our multitask team, we count on strong partnerships, at the national and international level, improving the quality and the rigour of our analysis.

Like any company that thinks the continuity of your business, our current product portfolio is focused on projects that expand the company’s vision on the current market dynamics. Get to know in detail our products, our experiences with our customers and our publications and find out how we can contribute to the positive outcome of your business.