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Catavento was hired in October of 2015 to help Coca-Cola Brasil in the development and execution of a materiality process and consistent reporting, aligned with the company’s business strategy and considering  its key stakeholders expectations.

Aiming to map the key issues for the Coca-Cola Brasil business long term sustainability, the first stage of the project was divided into the comprehension of external and internal environments that could impact the organization’s business context in the long term. Seeking external perceptions, a trend analysis was conducted through publications in addition to external stakeholders interviews. On the other hand, the internal environment was mapped through the analysis of Coca – Cola’s  both public and internal documents and executives’ interviews.

Catavento organized an external specialists panel with the presence of Coca-Cola senior executives, in order to consolidate and enhance the materiality process. The panel’s goals were to discuss the main trends that could possibly alter  the industry in the medium and long term, analyse how these ongoing changes affect the business model and understand what the company’s role is regarding society’s expectations.

The following stage prioritized the issues mapped during previous phases, through the Catavento methodology of qualitative and quantitative analysis of relevance and frequency. A validation process was then conducted, to align and define the priority issues with the team and with the top executives of the company.

In the final stage, Catavento suggested a reporting strategy for Coca-Cola, through the identification of the sustainability report’s targeted audiences, recommendation of structure, content and format of the report and indicators for internal management and reporting.


About Coca-Cola Brasil

The Coca-Cola Brasil System is the largest soft drink producer in the country and operates in seven segments – water , teas , soft drinks, nectars, energy drinks, sports and dairy beverages – with over 125 products, including regular flavors and low-calorie versions . Composed of 10 manufacturers groups , the System directly employs 66,000 employees , creating about 600,000 indirect jobs.
The Coca -Cola Brasil System is committed to encouraging initiatives that support an active and healthy lifestyle and to improve the economic and social development of the communities where the company operates. For the company to achieve these goals, a shared value platform was developed, the Coletivo Coca-Cola , which has impacted the lives of over 100,000 people through the company’s entire value chain.
Source: Coca-Cola Brasil website