SECTOR Bioeconomy


To help in GranBio strategic repositioning, Catavento was hired in August of 2016 to engage on a market context study, a critical analysis of the current business plan and a recommendation for a new approach to stakeholder interactions.

During the project, Catavento’s team captured and synthesized a wide range of perspectives through desk research, conversations with external energy and biofuels specialists, and interviews with the company’s main executives and board members. The insights collected served as the inputs for a strategic workshop with the company’s leadership, which yielded a set of recommendations for priority actions and a guide for interacting with relevant stakeholders.

About Granbio

GranBio is a Brazilian biotech company that creates solutions to transform biomass into renewable products such as biofuels, biochemicals, nano materials and nutrients. With its innovative business model, the company is the only one in the sector to be active from start to finish in the chain of production – from raw material to distribution of the final product – integrating its own and third-party technologies.

Source: GranBio website