SECTOR Oil and Gas


Dome, a joint venture between Prumo Logística and GranEnergia that was created to provide services to the O&G industry from the Port of Açu, hired Catavento in November 2016 to help develop its business plan.  The goal of the project was to propose and validate a business plan with the active participation of both parent companies’ leadership.

The first step was to map industry trends through approximately 30 interviews with relevant industry players, experts and executives of the parent companies. The insights obtained through the interviews were then tested and refined through 2 workshops with key internal and external stakeholders. Finally, Catavento, in conjunction with Dome’s team, elaborated a strategic vision which would guide the company’s value creation in the short, medium and long term. The final version of the strategic plan was presented to both Prumo Logística’s and GranEnergia’s board of directors.

About Dome

Dome is a joint venture between GranEnergia, na O&G service provider, and Prumo Logística, which operates the Port of Açu. Its goal is to provide asset integrity management, guaranteeing the sustainability of O&G projects and operations through increased efficiency and optimized processes. Dome will initially focus on floating asset integrity and the modernization of assets and equipment, with a vision of englobing spool fabrication, structures, modules and skids, as well as logistics support for both the O&G industry and other companies present at the Port of Açu.

Fonte: website da Prumo Logística