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In its commitment to ethics and growth, Estacio seeks to incorporate sustainability principles in the institution´s management model, reinforcing the attributes of the brand and its commitment to expanding its activities, grounded in sustainable development and social and environmental responsibility.

The company partnered with Catavento in 2013 in order to develop a long-term Sustainability Strategic Plan. The process included trend analyses, interviews with the company´s senior management, the elaboration of an updated diagnosis followed by a short-term plan, as well as developing a materiality process where external stakeholders were consulted and relevant business issues were determined. As a result, Estacio was able to determine which ways sustainability reinforces its growth strategy, as well as how it contributes to the improvement of management practices. In addition, this process allowed us to establish a structured process of engagement with opinion leaders, and provide the necessary elements to consolidate advancements made in the first Group Sustainability Report, published in April of 2013.

Also during 2013 and early 2014, Catavento held two training events on the topic of sustainable development, analyzing company practices and stimulating the exchange of experiences.

About Estacio

Estacio is one of the largest higher education networks in Brazil, consisting of a University with more than 270,000 students present in 20 Brazilian states in 70 units.
The company´s commitment to environmental preservation leads to its strict compliance of legislation establishing the proper disposal of hazardous waste used in veterinary laboratories and clinical operations- a practice that is monitored by the Brazilian environmental authorities.
In line with its sustainability efforts, Estacio started to implement its Environmental Management Program in 2012, in order to assess social and environmental impacts of its institution, and identify best practices for growth increasingly focused on the balance between social, environmental and economic spheres.

Source: Estacio website