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Catavento and FGV Crescimento & Desenvolvimento, in a partnership with Institute for Climate and Society (iCS), worked together in studies focused on Brazilian competitiveness in a low carbon transition context. Focusing on natural resources, the oil and gas and mining sector, were analyzed, respectively, by Catavento and FGV Crescimento & Desenvolvimento.

Catavento’s project was based on three main pillars: (i) desk research, (ii) key O&G stakeholders interviews and (iii) the definition of competiveness. As a result, a white paper was published, analyzing relevant aspects that may affect the Brazilian O&G competitiveness on a climate change context.

For more information, click here to download the executive summary (portuguese only).

About iCS

The Institute for Climate and Society (iCS) is a philanthropic and re- granting organization that promotes prosperity, justice and low carbon development in Brazil. The Institute serves as a bridge between international and national funders and local partners. iCS belongs to a wide network of philanthropic organizations dedicated to building the solutions to the climate crisis. The Institute aims to enable the conditions and the architecture for society and decision makers to make informed choices about Brazil’s development path, towards a prosper and climate safe future.

Source: Adapted from Institute for Climate and Society website