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24In 2008, the mission of Itaú’s consultation was advising the bank on possible adjustments of its Sustainability in relation to best market practices.

In 2009, the Bank´s sustainability sector requested support to mobilize members of its Sustainability Committee on the relevance of practices and processes. At the time, a series of workshops and closed events were held in order to reflect on the content and performance of its sustainability agenda.

Commission members, managers and analysts engaged in three important themes of the organization´s sustainability agenda (suppliers, climate change, and goods and services) in order to motivate change and implementation improvements of both management mechanisms and in preparation of new products and services.

In another work, developed in 2010, an independent proposal of the new version Policy of Relations with Customers and Suppliers of Itaú Bank was developed. The result of this activity was the alignment of the Corporate Sustainability Policy guideline and the commitments made by the institution, with emphasis on the Green Protocol.

In 2011 and 2012, sectoral guidelines for environmental risk were developed for Forest Products and Agriculture. The initiative proposed paths, processes and analytical tools for the company´s management. In addition to this initiative, we developed the Trend Radar, a monthly newsletter that analyzes relevant sustainability information in the financial sector.

Another Itaú Unibanco demand tended to was the analysis of the governance of sustainability in Brazilian companies, focusing on senior management advisory bodies. This assessment derived a proposal for a governance model of sustainability.

About Itaú Unibanco

With 4,000 branches in Brazil, operating in 20 countries and with 33,000 service points, Itaú Unibanco is committed to sustainability. In addition to its sustainability policy, the bank has developed specific policies for managing social and environmental risks, diversity, corporate governance, code of ethics and spending;
In recent years, Itaú Unibanco received recognition inside and outside of the country. They work to strengthen their commitment to pursue best practices in sustainable business management.

Source: Itaú Unibanco website