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With the objective to optimize Michelin’s competitive advantage in the sustainability sector, Catavento and Michelin developed a partnership to enhance its governance model and establish a set of metrics to gauge performance.

In order to develop the governance model, Catavento analyzed managers’ internal motivations on the objectives of sustainability set for 2020 and outlined best practices in the market. This work allowed for a governance framework specific to Michelin’s potential and needs.

Indicators used to measure performance metrics reflect the reality of the company’s operations and investor expectations. Furthermore, we developed a management tool for all company departments interested in indicators that assess social, environmental and economic performance of sustainability.

About Michelin

Michelin is a company over 100 years old and stands out among world leaders in the manufacturing and marketing of tires. Michelin models its activities on three strategic pillars, namely, sustainable growth, competitiveness and commitment (both to social development and the environment).
Michelin has a wide range of products and services. Its products vary from tires for cars and motorcycles to aircraft, trucks, buses, tractors and bicycles. In addition, the company also produces air and cable chambers and publishes guides and tourist maps.
Michelin Group´s strategy revolves around six key elements for 2020 that guide the company in its decision making process. These include, leadership in product performance, responsible industry leadership, sustainable financial performance, engagement in employee welfare and development, building harmonious relationships with local communities and quality of life improvements by promoting sustainable mobility.