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With the objective to improve stakeholder management in generation activities, Catavento prepared relationship guidelines with stakeholders and developed a tool that helps the flow of information between holding and ventures for Neoenergia. This flow of information creates a database that guides the format and relationship strategy for each stakeholder group and assist in the budgeting process, risk management and sharing of best practices.

In 2014, this work spread among responsible parties in preparation for use of this tool. The guidelines and management tools were applied in two separate generation projects in different stages of development before applying the concepts on a corporate level.

Previous work

The partnership between Neoenergia and the Catavento team began in 2011 when the company received assistance for improvement of its management´s adaptation of sustainability best practices.

At the time, a precise management diagnosis was developed, and as a result of the project, Neoenergia presented its training and positioning in economic, environmental and social dimensions according to market trends. The work involved an extensive process of interviews with senior management of various company groups.

Subsequently, an assertive action plan was developed that led to the widening of Neoenergia´s growth as a corporation, taking into consideration social and environmental criteria in all work fronts.

In 2012, in keeping with the work, the Catavento team also provided support in reviewing the company´s Sustainability Policy and established its position in relation to the sustainability agenda with senior leadership, promoting the conceptual alignment of managerial spheres around the theme.

About Neoenergia

Neoenergia is the holding company of Neoenergia Group, the third largest group in the Brazilian electric sector, with ten years of experience and accumulated investments of R$ 13 billion in Brazil.
The Neoenergia Group has adopted a management model of social and environmental responsibility, built permanently in its company relationships with stakeholders, seeking to create value to the business and building sustainable a society.
The Group inserts social and environmental responsibility in its strategic planning and macro strategy, with processes and corporate objectives that reaffirm this practice as an element of society and organizational culture.

Source: Neoenergia Group website