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Given the growing relevance of the ESG agenda – environmental, social and governance- for the perpetuity of businesses, Prumo Logistics appointed Catavento to review its Sustainability Strategy. The project had as main focus the revision of the sustainability ambition and strategic guidelines for the Group based on context mapping, articulation with executives and specialists. Moreover, Catavento made recommendations of improvements in the sustainability governance model.

The first phase of the project consisted of trend mapping and a sustainability benchmark analysis of Prumo’s peers. Additionally, in this stage, more than twenty interviews between Prumo Board Members and executives were conducted. These interviews focused on capturing the perception on the business environment in which Prumo is inserted in and potential future opportunities.

Based on these inputs, Catavento recommended a new Sustainability Strategy for Prumo, including a new ambition, pillars, guidelines and metrics for performance evaluation. The approval process included multiple meetings with Prumo leadership. Lastly, it was also suggested improvements for the governance model in sustainability.

Still, Catavento reviewed the existing initiatives focused on stakeholder engagement and recommended improvements through priority stakeholder identification, strategic guidelines and  engagement targets.


Previous projects

Prumo hired Catavento in late 2018 to conduct its 2020-2024 Strategic Planning process. The partnership focused on revising the strategic objectives for developing the Açu Port Complex, based on context mapping, specialists dialogue and governance model improvements.

In the first phase of the project, Catavento’s team analyzed global trends in the port sector, as well as the Brazilian competitive environment. A benchmark analysis was conducted taking into account 6 global ports, in order to gather insights on strategic, innovation and sustainability guidelines. The initial phase also relied on around 25 interviews with Prumo’s and Porto do Açu’s Board members, as well as senior executives from a diverse range of economic sectors. These interviews aimed at evaluating the stakeholder perceptions regarding the Brazilian business environment and opportunities for Prumo.

Catavento also supported Prumo in the structuring and moderation of an experts panel, that put together the company leadership and external experts in key themes for the corporate strategy, such as macroeconomic scenario, trade, infrastructure, industry and innovation.

After mapping the company context and engaging with stakeholders, Catavento conducted a critical revision of Prumo’s 2019-2023 Strategic Plan, focusing on defining the strategic ambition and priority guidelines for the next business cycle. The final delivery included recommendations on short and medium-term initiatives, as well as metrics to track performance. This phase also included the suggestion of a sustainability and innovation strategy, aligned to the company reality and taking into account the business objectives.

Finally, Catavento evaluated Prumo’s governance model and, based on the interviews with the company executives, board members and governance managers, provided recommendations to improve decision making.

About Prumo

Prumo is a multi-business economic Group responsible for the strategic development of Açu Port, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They are controlled by EIG Global Energy Partners, an American fund that operates in the energy and infrastructure sectors, and Mubadala Investment Company, an active and innovative investor that allocates capital in the most varied segments. Through the 6 companies that are part of the Group (Porto do Acu Operacoes, Ferroport, Acu Petroleo, GNA, Dome and BP Prumo) and all the clients installed in the Açu Port, the complex serves the mining, port logistics and O&G segments. Its infrastructure presents a unique potential to support new business and varied industrial niches. With this strategic view of Prumo, the Açu Port is, today, one of the biggest and most promising hubs in the country. With operational efficiency, the strength of the Group’s long-term vision and the proximity to the main O&G offshore basins, Açu consolidates itself as the best solution for the sector demands.
Source: Prumo website