QGOG Constellation



In 2017, QGOG Constellation hired Catavento to conduct its strategic planning process for the period 2017-2022, based on Catavento’s strategic vision, trend analysis expertise, and analytic rigor demonstrated in previous partnerships.

Based on O&G supply and demand trend analysis, interview with more than 30 key stakeholders, and desk research, Catavento mapped QGOG Constellation’s internal and external business environment. Afterwards, a SWOT analysis helped to identify the company’s strengths and weakness in the face of threats and opportunities on the horizon. To do so, Catavento conducted two workshops with QGOG Constellation’s leadership and managers. Lastly, based on the designed 2017-2022 Strategic Plan,  Catavento mapped governance and management improvement opportunities.

Previous work

In 2016, QGOG Constellation hired Catavento to assist the company in implementing the action plan formulated the year before, through the creation of a Sustainability Working Group. In addition, Catavento recommended the integration of sustainability issues in the company’s strategy and decision-making process.

QGOG Constellation and Catavento worked together in an Oil & Gas sector sustainability and competitiveness project throughout 2015.

The first stage of the project mapped the most relevant issues for QGOG Constellation’s long term success using Catavento’s priorization methodology, through trend analysis, stakeholders’ interviews and desk research. A benchmark analysis took place in the second stage of the project, with a survey of the best Oil & Gas market practices regarding sustainability topics. During the third stage, Catavento developped an action plan with the help of some of QGOG Constellation managers to adress the material issues. Finally, during the last stage of the project, Catavento’s team drew a reporting strategy for QGOG Constellation, through an internal diagnosis, indicators survey and elaboration of a reporting structure.

About QGOG

QGOG Constellation, through its subsidiary QGOG, is the leader service provider for drilling and production in the Brazilian oil and gas sector. With continuous operations since 1981, QGOG built its unmatched reputation due to its excellence in offshore and onshore drilling services, receiving API Q2, ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates, which reflect its high operational safety, environmental management and quality standards.

Source: QGOG website