Catavento | Who we are?

Clarissa Lins
Founding partner at Catavento Consultoria, since August 2013. Clarissa’s expertise lies in strategy and corporate sustainability, leading consultancy projects in large companies, focusing on trend analysis, strategic vision development and articulation with opinion makers. Member of Petrobras’s Board of Directors (May 2018). Executive committee member of the Brazilian Institute for Oil, Gas and Biofuels – IBP (April 2016). Member of the Sustainability Committee of Vale’s Board of Directors (May 2017). Senior Fellow at CEBRI and responsible for the Energy Center (July 2017). Internationally, she was a member and chairwoman of Shell plc’s External Review Committee from October/2012 to June/2015. She is also member of SustainAbility’s International Council since 2010. Member of several awards commissions, such as the American Chamber Eco Award (2010, 2012, 2013, 2014),  as well as member of the Advisory Committee of the Ecomudanças Fund at Banco Itaú (since 2008). She is the co-author of the book “Sustainability and Value Generation: a Transition to the XXI century” (2011) and of several papers and publications related to sustainability. She was the executive director at the Brazilian Foundation for Sustainable Development (FBDS) from April/2004 to July/2013, where she created and led the Corporate Sustainability activities. She worked in the public sector for several years, at the Ministry of Finance during the elaboration of the Real Plan (1993-94), BNDES (National Development Bank) as special advisor to the CEO (1995-99) and at Petrobras, as special advisor to the CEO and executive manager of Corporate Strategy (1999-2002).She has an academic background in Economics (master’s degree from the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro).
Bruna Mascotte
Partner at Catavento Consultoria, since May/2015, former intern from September/2014 to April/2015. Bruna’s area of activity focuses on mapping global and sector macro trends, with a focus on energy transition, O&G industry challenges, climate change, urban mobility and consumer behavior. In this context, she has worked in projects for Shell, QGEP, QGOG and Coca-Cola Brasil.  Also, she develops trend analysis and best practices assessments for corporate sustainability, governance, accountability and social private investment. In this field, she was part of projects for Michelin, Instituto Coca-Cola Brasil and Sicredi. She worked as an intern at the Coordination and Financial Analysis Division in Eletrobrás Furnas, from August to December 2013. Bruna holds a degree in Business Administration from Ibmec-RJ (2015), and studied for 6 months at the Université Pierre-Mendès France (Université de Grenoble II),  in Grenoble, France.
Guilherme Ferreira
Partner at Catavento Consultoria, since January/2018, former intern from July/2016 to December/2017. Guilherme’s area of activity focuses on mapping global and sector macro trends, with emphasis on O&G industry challenges, climate change, urban mobility and energy transition. In this context, he has worked in projects for QGOG Constellation, Ipiranga, CEBRI Energia, QGEP, Instituto Coca-Cola and contributed in the white paper “Perspectives for electric vehicles penetration”. Guilherme participated as a scientific initiation researcher in the project “Performance Evaluation in Humanitarian Operations” in the HANDs laboratory of PUC- Rio, from June/2014 to June/2015.  From June/2015 to May/2016, he studied with a scholarship from the Brazil Mobility Program (BSMP) at Mercer University, in Atlanta, United States. Industrial Engineering student at PUC-Rio (expected graduation in June/2018).
Rafael Patrocínio
Partner at Catavento Consultoria, since January/2018, former intern from June/2017 to December/2017. Rafael’s area of activity focuses on trend analysis and sector perspectives, with emphasis on energy transition, national energy policies, Brazil’s infrastructure challenges, and climate change. In this context, he has worked in projects for Ouro Preto Óleo e Gás, Shell, Ipiranga and CEBRI Infrastructure. Previously, he worked as an intern at the infrastructure equipments division in Promon Engenharia, from January/2016 to February/2017. He also worked as an intern at the heavy equipments maintenance division in BSM Engenharia from March/2014 to December/2015. Rafael holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from PUC-Rio (2017).
Leonardo Bastos
Associate at Catavento Consultoria, since August/2013. Leonardo’s expertise lies in the connection of sustainability, corporate strategy and business models, trend analysis, as well as the development of management tools. He has recently led consultancy projects at Wilson Sons, Banco Votorantim, Estácio and Vale. Leonardo worked in the telecommunications industry at the Marketing Department of Oi (2008-2011) and TIM (2004-2008) in the development of valuation tools and assessment of new opportunities. He led restructuring projects of Oi’s  call centers (Contax). During his time at COPPEAD/UFRJ, Leonardo authored the thesis “Growth of the Book Editorial Industry in Brazil and its Challenges” (2013), under the guidance of Professor Denise Fleck. Advertising professional graduated from the Fluminense Federal University (UFF) (2005), with a postgraduate degree in Finance from UFRJ’s Polytechnic School and a Master’s degree in organizations and strategy from COPPEAD/UFRJ (2012).
Felipe Vignoli
Associate at Catavento Consultoria, since August/2013. Felipe’s expertise lies in the development of valuation models that take into account non-financial criteria, as well as social and environmental risks. He has led consultancy projects at Light, Neoenergia, Coca-Cola, Wilson Sons and Michelin Brasil. Previous experience as a sustainability senior consultant at FBDS, from January/2012 to July/2013. In a partnership with COPPEAD/UFRJ and Light, Felipe developed a valuation model to assess the corporate sustainability practices in low-income communities, under the guidance of Professor Celso Lemme. He is the co-author of the paper “Sharing Value in UPPs”. Felipe worked at the steeling company Gerdau (2007-2011), with management and operational functions, as well as programs and production control. He led teams and coordinated several problem-solving working groups . He was the head of the operational unit environmental management and assisted ISO 14001 internal auditing processes. Professor of Enterprises Evaluation, at COPPEAD ‘s Young Professionals in Finances course, since July/2013. Mechatronic engineer graduated from the University of Brasília (UnB-DF) (2006) with a master’s degree in Finance and Management Control from COPPEAD/UFRJ (2013). Felipe completed part of his master’s degree at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).