Our Work

We are a strategy and sustainability consultancy that influences the C-level in its decision making.

Catavento was founded in 2013, with the mission of influencing decision makers in the corporate sector, expanding their growth perspective to beyond the economic-financial scope. We count on a large expertise with more than 15 years of consulting experience and knowledge production. Our relationship with our clients is based on long-term partnerships.

Catavento’s solutions are based on three pillars: inspire, engage and lead. We operate across multiple sectors, with an emphasis on industries with challenges on the sustainability agenda and decarbonization, such as O&G, electricity, mining, infrastructure and finance.

We are recognized for our strategic vision, monitoring of macro trends, methodological rigor and articulation with opinion makers.

Knowledge production is essential to deepen the concepts explored in our consulting projects. Among the themes analyzed are macro-trends such as the future of energy, the ESG agenda and the transition to a low-carbon economy. In addition to our multidisciplinary team, we also have solid national and international partnerships.

Our current product portfolio is centered on projects that expand companies’ strategic vision. Know more about our products, experiences with our clients and our publications in order to find out how we can contribute to a positive result for your business.

Who We Are



General Garzon St, 22 / 302 Jardim Botânico 22470-010 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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