Our thanks to CEBRI

January 2021

Clarissa has structured and coordinated the CEBRI Energy Group


In 2017, Clarissa Lins and the Catavento team were responsible, along with Jorge Camargo, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees at CEBRI, for the creation of the CEBRI Energy Group. Leveraging the institution’s credibility, debates were held on topics with the potential to foster the insertion of the Brazilian energy sector in global chains. The Energy Group sought to influence the development of public policies in the creation of a competitive and attractive investment environment.

Over the last 3 years, 29 events were held, and 17 publications were elaborated (figure), involving agents from academia, governments, and the private sector. The events focused on prominent themes and major trends in the sector, such as energy transition, energy geopolitics, new technologies and electric mobility.

Catavento thanks José Pio Borges, President of CEBRI, and Julia Dias Leite, CEO of CEBRI, for all the support given throughout the process of building and consolidating the Energy Group. We also thank Jorge Camargo for his continuous guidance over the years.



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