Catavento offsets its 2020 emissions

September 2021

Carbon credits were obtained to offset the company's carbon footprint


Aware that all citizens and companies should seek to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, Catavento estimated the carbon footprint of its corporate activities, through the assessment of emissions related to the transport of employees, power consumption and sewage/waste.

Based on the estimated emissions for the year 2020, Catavento purchased carbon credits to compensate for its emissions, through the company Sustainable Carbon. The acquired carbon credits follow the VCS + SOCIALCARBON standard from Verra Registry and come from avoided emissions from fuel switch at Cerâmica Menegalli, a ceramics factory, in the state of Pará.

At the factory, traditional firewood was replaced by renewable biomass, such as sawdust (i.e., wood residues from reforestation), açai palm seeds and agribusiness residues, which contribute to reducing deforestation, in addition to emitting less greenhouse gases. Along with the environmental benefits, the funds generated by the credits have also been directed towards social benefits: donations and sponsorships are given to a rehabilitation center and a school in the region, in addition to the improvement of common areas used by employees at Cerâmica Menegalli. More information about the project can be obtained here.



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