Study analyzes corporate management of climate change

November 2014

Catavento, in a partnership with CDP and COPPEAD Institute, publishes the study “Connection between climate change and business models: an agenda in evolution”


Catavento and the COPPEAD Institute of Administration, the UFRJ business school, were partners of CDP to produce the study, “Connection between climate change and business models: an agenda in development.” Based on the questions on transparency and performance from the publicly available CDP methodology, the study investigated the business justifications and the economic benefits of mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

In addition to recognizing the leading companies in transparency according to the CDP method, the study identified some elements of particular interest. IbrX-100 members, mostly invested in energy efficiency and clean energy, generating a monetary economy (cost reduction and / or operating expense) of approximately R$120 million for the year (for investments of R$ 37 billion). Although this represents an effort to quantify the investments made, there is still room to improve the connection between investments, generated cash economy and the corresponding reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases.

On the other hand, companies are adapting their production processes, since 83% of them recognize the risk exposure and opportunities generated from climate change. In this context, there is a mobilization of other actors who might have influence, especially policy makers. Among the topics listed as the most likely to be adopted in a not too distant future, there is the possibility of mandatory GHG emissions reduction.

The study was published in October 2014 in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, mobilizing companies and investors.

To read the study in its entirety, download here.



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