Catavento participates in CEBRI’s 20 year celebration conference

November 2018

Catavento discusses proposals for the new government in a panel about the energy sector


On the 21st of November, Catavento participated in a series of debates celebrating the 20 years of CEBRI. The debate took place in the 1st Annual BNDES-CEBRI Conference – Pathways to tomorrow: development, international insertion, and sustainability – conducted in partnership with the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS).

With the participation of prominent actors in the national scenario, the event was structured through the following panels: (i)Infrastructure in 2022; (ii) The energy sector in 2022; (iii) Towards a new opening in the Brazilian economy; (iv) Brazil-China: for a sustainable strategic global partnership; (v) Brazil-Germany: Industry 4.0 and Innovation; (5) Environment, climate change and the international insertion challenges.

Catavento has contributed directly in the infrastructure and energy panels and has discussed the main proposals found in the position papers “Infrastructure in 2022” and “The energy sector in 2022” (link for download). In the energy panel, Clarissa Lins, partner and founder at Catavento, moderated the debate, which had the participation of André Araujo, President at Shell Brazil, Jorge Camargo, Member of the Board of Trustees at CEBRI, and Solange Ribeiro, Deputy CEO at Neoenergy.  The discussion was based on the basic principles highlighted in the position paper, such as: competitiveness, governance, regulatory stability, innovation and emissions.

Among the themes discussed, it can be highlighted: the potential benefits of a broader Brazilian energy market opening, the necessity of a continuous development of the Brazilian regulatory framework and the innovation and energy transition impacts on the electric and oil and gas sectors.



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