Catavento publishes factsheet (#4) on critical minerals

November 2021

Climate intelligence


Catavento publishes its fourth factsheet analyzing relevant data on the critical minerals required for the development of clean decarbonization technologies. The document seeks to elucidate information on the relevance of these materials in a low-carbon economy and the respective challenges related to their production and value chains.


Among the main messages, we can highlight that:

  1. Critical minerals are important in the transition context, as clean technologies require an average of 13 times more minerals than fossil equivalents.
  2. Furthermore, critical minerals and metals influence the competitiveness of these technologies as they can account for up to 25% of their final prices.
  3. In a transition to net zero, the demand for these minerals could increase up to 6 times by 2050…
  4. …increasing its relevance and participation in international energy-related trade – from 13% to 47% by the same year.
  5. In this context, some challenges should be addressed. The geographic concentration of reserves and the production of clean technologies may imply in value chains that are more susceptible to geopolitical impacts and tensions.
  6. China, for example, dominates the production of several of these technologies, accounting for 70% of solar panels, 66% of batteries and 60% of electric vehicles assembly.
  7. Additionally, planning will be critical to ensure that the supply of these minerals meets demand projections, as the time from discovery of the reserve to extraction is of 17 years on average.


Download our Factsheet #4 here (available in English only).


Photo: Jay Lee via Unsplash



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