Catavento publishes factsheet on climate intelligence

August 2021

First document in series that consolidates concisely the most relevant data on topics pertinent to the ESG agenda


What do leaders and decision makers need to know about greenhouse gas emissions and climate change? This was the question that guided Catavento in the preparation of its Factsheet #1, the first document in a series that seeks to consolidate key data clearly and didactically on relevant topics for the transition to a low-carbon economy and for the ESG agenda of companies.


Among the main messages, we can highlight:


  1. the increase in anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG), notably carbon dioxide (CO2), as the main cause of climate change;


  1. the need for substantial reductions in emissions in a scenario aligned with the 1.5°C temperature increase: about 50% by 2030 and emission neutrality by 2050;


  1. the unequivocal role played by major emitters such as China, the USA, the European Union and India, together responsible for more than half of global GHG emissions;


  1. the fact that the way we produce and use energy is at the center of climate discussions, as it is responsible for more than 2/3 of GHG emissions;


  1. the relevant challenge to achieve neutrality of emissions, including the role of public policies, technological development, leadership of the private and financial sector.


Download Factsheet #1 here (document available in English only).


Photo: William Bossen via unsplash



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