Catavento publishes Factsheet #13 on the Amazon and its implications for the climate future

July 2023


The Amazon, the largest tropical forest in the world, extends through 9 countries in South America, with a large part, about 60%, located in Brazilian territory. Its socio-environmental relevance can be evidenced by its diverse ecosystem services, including climate and water regulation, as well as hosting vast biodiversity and ethnic diversity.

On the other hand, facing the increasing deforestation rates in recent years (+20% between 2020 and 2022), the Amazon is already experiencing growing impacts on local climate patterns, such as temperature and rainfall, jeopardizing Brazil’s goals under the Paris Agreement.

In this context, combined with the expectation of the COP30 taking place in Pará (2025), the region faces increased scrutiny. Therefore, it is key to promote solutions aimed at preserving the forest, developing a new local economy based on forest products, and fostering innovation and technology.

These and other elements are explored in Catavento’s Factsheet #13, available through the link or at the image below.



Photo: Christian Vinces, via Unsplash



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