Clarissa Lins debates at Northeastern University

October 2019

A relevância da sustentabilidade para os negócios e o papel dos jovens como agentes de mudança


Catavento’s founding partner, Clarissa Lins had the honor of being a panelist and representative of the private sector at last week’s 2019 BRASA Summit at Northeastern University. The event organized by Brazilians studying in the US universities had the theme “The change starts in you” and included panels with top executives from the private sector and leaders from the public sector, including Luiza Helena Trajano – Magazine Luiza’s founder and Chairwoman -, Roberto Sallouti – CEO at BTG Pactual – and Cristiane Schmidt – Goiás State Economy Secretary  -.

Clarissa’s panel focused on “The role of the private sector in advancing the economic environment and the Brazilian society reality”, moderated by Natália Vidal, Finance at Business Technology student at the University of Miami. As for other panelists, the round table included Claudia Sender – member the Board of Directors at Estácio, Gerdau and former-CEO at LATAM Airlines -, Adriana Machado – first woman CEO at GE Brasil and founder at Briyah Institute -, and Fernando Alves – CEO at PwC Brasil.

While addressing the trends reshaping the private sector and the role of companies in building a better Brazil, Clarissa emphasized how sustainability is no longer an environmental matter, but a material business issue. “No company can succeed, be admired by society, desired by its consumers, retain talents and fund its activities if it does not conduct its business in a responsible manner.”   

She also called on young Brazilians studying in the US to leverage on their curiosity and engage in solving our country’s challenges. “Brazil needs your talent. We need you to go back to Brazil and fight for the ones that did not have the opportunity to study abroad.”



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