IEA promotes high-level workshop with Catavento participation

April 2017

Catavento was invited to participate in a workshop held by IEA to discuss energy access


In preparation to its annual publication on the energy scenario – World Energy Outlook 2017- the International Energy Agency held a workshop with energy specialists to discuss energy access. The event took place in Paris, in March 27th  2017 and will serve as input to the complementary study about the theme that will be released with the WEO next November.

Catavento was invited to participate and discuss about energy access and development in Asia and Latin America. In her intervention, Clarissa made it clear that  Latin America presents better levels of electricity and modern energy access than Southeast Asia and Africa. On average, Latin America supplies electricity to 95% of its population, reaching 100% in Brazil. Regarding access to modern energy sources, there is still space for further developments, since about 10 million people still use biomass for traditional cooking.

The debate, organized in different topics, made it clear that there are still challenges on global scale to be overcome, considering that, energy access is one of the main factors to social and economic development. There are different solutions being implemented in different countries, considering regulatory frameworks, companies appetite and resources availability. However, there is no doubt that electricity access and modern energy resources need to be a prioritized item on the global agenda, mainly through fomenting decentralized renewables generation, specially solar PV.

The presentation that served as a base for Catavento’s comments can be downloaded here



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