The future of the cities debated in forum moderated by Catavento

November 2015

In a partnership with Shell Brasil, Catavento debates urban growth and energy challenges with specialists


The way cities are organized and the urban life style make energy a central element, together with water and food security. To discuss the stress nexus in cities, Shell promoted the debate “The cities of the future”, that took place in June 2015, following the partnership between Catavento and Shell Brasil in 2014 for the seminary Powering Progress Together. The event was conducted by Catavento and was divided in two debate round tables.

The first round table, with Milton Costa Filho (IBP – Brazilian Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels Institute), Lavinia Hollanda (FGV Energia) and Tom Burke (E3G), discussed the supply challenges, including the need to stimulate the use of clean, flexible and accessible energy sources. It mentioned the role of traditional energy sources – such as oil, that is still essential to transportations – as well as new possibilities, including gas and its role in a transition to a low carbon economy, and clean energy sources that have been growing in some regions worldwide.

The second round table, with Suzana Kahn (COPPE), José Luiz Alquéres (JLAlquéres Consultores Associados) and Carlos Antônio da Silva (Secretaria de Ciência e Tecnologia do Rio de Janeiro) talked about the new possibilities related to the use of energy. The main highlights were urban mobility innovative models, infrastructure and technology development and more colaborative models.

To read more about the event findings, you can find the executive summary here and the complete paper here.



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