Climate risks in business

December 2017

For better understanding and greater transparency

December 2017

For better understanding and greater transparency

Knowledge production

The initiative, entitled “Climate risks in business: for better understanding and greater transparency” was the compilation  of Catavento’s expertise on climate change and its impact on business models. More recently, the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures,  led by Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, consolidated the international finance community engagement, promoting transparency and climate risks disclosure.

In this context, the white paper reflects the theme’s relevance for business, and starts with a brief introduction on the origin and causes of climate change. Then, the energy sector’s relevance for climate change is portrayed  based on data that shows that about two-thirds of greenhouse gas emissions come from how society produces and consumes energy, taking energy to the center of the climate debate.

The second chapter shows that climate change consequences’ relevance  made the issue the center of international community attention and priorities with climate commitments taking a leading role around the world. Aware of the potential risks, the international finance community has had a prominent position, advocating for increased transparency on climate risks and their possible impacts.

Because of its emissions relevance, the oil and gas industry has some particular challenges highlighted in the third chapter. That is, providing  energy security for a growing population without leading to an increase in carbon emissions.

Finally, the white paper draws conclusions on the need for transparency in this new context: there is no other way to maintain a company’s social license to operate in the long term without increasing the level of transparency regarding business strategy and assets portfolio sustainability.

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