Catavento debates National Energy Plan 2050

July 2015

In a partnership with FGV Energia, Catavento promoted a debate about the long term Brazilian National Energy Plan


This event promoted by FGV Energia and Catavento, in June 2015, aimed to create a dialogue forum between EPE (Brazilian National Energy Research Company), responsible for elaboration of the National Energy Plan 2050, and representatives of different industries and institutions connected with the theme, in order to generate ideas and suggestions to the Plan. The debate was moderated by Lavinia Hollanda, from FGV Energia and Clarissa Lins, from Catavento.

In the opening, Lavinia stated that the partnership with Catavento aimed to incoporate sustainability aspects in energy sector discussions. In a second moment, Clarissa presented some elements from the global context, pointing at how the energy policies are being influenced by climate policies. That is due to the fact that the majority of the global greenhouse gases emissions (about 75%, according to the IEA) comes from fossil fuels. Clarissa was followed by Renato Gorini, EPE executive, who talked about the assumptions adopted in the national long term energy plan. 

The executive summary can be downloaded here, and the complete white paper here.

*Available in Portuguese only.



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