Electric revolution: a possible scenario for Brazilian mobility?

June 2018

Catavento maps recent electric mobility developments and reflecs on national perspectives


Catavento’s new report focused on outlining recent developments of different electric mobility aspects, as well as highlighting main elements to be incorporated in companies’ strategic planning.

In 2016, Catavento analyzed possible trends and consequences of a higher electric vehicles penetration in the transportation mix in the paper – “The outlook for electric vehicles” (link to download). Since then, the theme has increasingly gained more relevance, driven by significant investment plans announced by automakers – which represents around US$ 168 billion –, increasing government emission standards and new consumer preferences.

Also, considering urban mobility’s evolving scenario, companies that anticipate changes have a greater capacity to capture the new opportunities that will emerge.

In this context, the paper – “Electric Revolution: a possible scenario for Brazilian mobility?” – is based on these new perspectives and is a result of research and interaction with key stakeholders.



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