Catavento partners give inaugural class in ESG course for the O&G sector

August 2021


The founding partner of Catavento, Clarissa Lins, was responsible for giving the inaugural class of the new extension course at the PUC-Rio Law Institute, CCE – PUC-Rio, in partnership with the IBP – Brazilian Institute of Oil and Gas, with the theme “Geopolitics, energy transition and stakeholder capitalism”. Guilherme Ferreira, partner at Catavento, was responsible for preparing the material and supporting Clarissa in conducting the class. Bruna Mascotte, senior partner at Catavento, will give a class on September 22, about the Brazilian and world energy matrix in the context of transition to a low-carbon economy.

In the inaugural class, held on August 23, Clarissa began her presentation by listing the key changes in the business environment, such as assertive public policies, new ways of allocating resources by the financial sector, growing society activism and the positioning of companies in sensitive topics.

Additionally, Clarissa addressed the drivers of the global energy transition in the face of climate urgency, with scenarios pointing to the direction of greater penetration of renewable energy sources in the energy sector, although in different degrees considering the robustness of public policies. Clarissa also spoke about new technological routes, such as the hydrogen chain, the demand for batteries and the development of carbon capture, use and storage technology – CCUS.

Finally, the class was dedicated to perspectives for “stakeholder capitalism”, which aims to generate value and accountability to different audiences, including employees, the value chain and society. To this end, relevant concepts such as transparency, credibility, governance, and engagement were addressed.

For the founding partner of Catavento Consultoria, the pillars of the ESG agenda and the engagement of the corporate world in addressing society’s global challenges has gained momentum. The level of demand and corresponding accountability tends to increase over time, requiring active listening to different stakeholders. In this scenario, there is a unique opportunity to foster a more inclusive, solidary, transparent world that respects the limits of our ecosystem, which can foster innovation and attract young people.


More information on the CCE-PUC Rio website (available in Brazilian Portuguese only):,-social-e-de-governanca-(esg) -to-the-oil-and-gas-sector&nInst=cce (available in Brazilian Portuguese only)



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