Tendências para o setor de energia são apresentadas no IBP pela Catavento

December 2015

Estudo “Tendências para o setor de energia no longo prazo” é lançado pelo presidente do Instituto, Jorge Camargo


Accelerated growth of the big cities, urbazination expansion, population ageing, income growth and increased mobility options will be key elements to determine energy supply and demand in the next years and decades. This conclusion comes from the study “Long Term Trends for the Energy Sector ”, ordered by the Brazilian Institute for Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels (IBP) to the Catavento consulting and presented during the 58th IBP birthday, in November 23rd.

Source: IBP’s website

To Clarissa Lins, economist and Catavento’s founding partner, “the fact that an institute like IBP, that represents the petroleum industry, cares about those themes and wants to anticipate the changes that are coming, is very relevant”.

IBP’s president, Jorge Camargo, stated that “there is no doubt that the energy sector is in a transiction process” and that there is a context favorable to CO2 emissions reduction – one of the priorities of the sector. Camargo also highlighted that the fastest, easiest and most economic way to do it is by investing in natural gas and using it toreplace coal, the dirtiest of the energy sources.

More than 35 institutions were consulted to produce the study, such as the OECD, World Economic Forum and International Energy Agency. The researchers also interviewed about 40 people, from professors, executives, Brazilian and international specialist, to IBP directors and board members.

The presentation is available here!



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